Provide a Subfolder Count in ArcCatalog

Idea created by Perennial_Env on Aug 23, 2013
    • Perennial_Env
    ArcMap should have a function where the number of sub folders is displayed. This could be implemented in the contents folder in a manner simmilar to what is described by AltamonteGIS in the feature count idea.

    Better: Be able to see the number of sub folders for each folder between the [+]  and the folder icon in AcrCatalog
    ie:  [+] {# of Sub folders} [Folder Icon] "Folder Name Here"

    Following text credit to: AltamonteGIS
    This is what you have to do in ArcCatalog to display the number of features:
      Customize > ArcCatalog Options > Contents > Metadata columns > # of Features