Version 2.0 of New Target Hazard Analysis for Structural Fire Service

Idea created by Roblinsky on Aug 22, 2013
    • Roblinsky
    Because the real benefit of the Target Hazard analysis is in it being repeatable each analysis cycle, the tools should be provided with the ability to export the settings of each of the forms to an XML file that could be loaded the next iteration of analysis.  This would allow the results of the analysis to be compared from year to year.

    To accomplish this, each form on the toolkit would need to include two new buttons.  The first "Save Settings" button would capture the current values in each of the user provided information into a formated XML file that is saved in a user defined location on the network.  The second button "Load Settings" would allow the user to browse for an already existing XML file to populate the user interface with. 

    This would allow the user to be assured that each year, the same spreadsheet tables and weightings were used in the analysis, allowing comparability. 

    Thanks for all the hard work on the original toolkot.