Export Features with Attachments

Idea created by oceanrac on Aug 21, 2013
    We have been collecting features using ArcGIS Online and iOS devises and it's working great. We are taking images and or video while collecting attrubutes for a featues. Now that we have all of this data, I am coming across the issue that the images that are collected with each point are not "Really" attached to the feature. Trying to extract the point as a shapefile, or as a csv there is no information if there was an attachement with this feature. 
    The (I HOPE) temporrary solution is that when it's a rainy day and data collection is not going to happen, is go back into each of the points, download the picture and rename it locally. Place the name of the picture into a attribute field of the point and then populate the url of the location of the downloaded and renamed pictures with the picuture name on the end.  This works with a very small data set and it really not productive. 

    Does anyone have any other way to work with images/video's and ArcGIS Online??