Enable better search capabilities in this ideas forum

Idea created by ricki on Aug 21, 2013
    I have been trying to work my way through all 255 pages of this ideas site and am beginning to have problems. Since there are so many entries, it takes a long time to look through them all - I'm doing a few dozen a day. However, you can't stay logged in overnight - it kicks you out. The next morning, you have to page through all of those entries that you have already looked at to get back to where you were the night before. That means scrolling to the bottom to hit "next page", waiting for it to load, then scrolling to the bottom again, many times. Isn't there a way to jump to a certain page? Also, isn't there a way to mark each entry so that I know that I have read it and don't have to read it again? These things would really help me be able to enjoy this forum instead of getting frustrated. Thanks.