Make ArcGIS Runtime SDK Environment Variable Standard Across Releases.

Idea created by coloncm on Aug 17, 2013
    • jjoalland13
    • wassj
    • coloncm
    I noticed that different envronment variables are set with its version concatenanted, i.e., "ARCGISRUNTIMESDKJAVA_10_1_1" variable is set for version 10.1.1 of Runtime for Java. I can't think of anyone wanting to install diferent versions of the SDK on the same machine, particularly when the installation instructions specifically state to remove previous version before installing the latest. If so, then what is the purpose of concatenating the version to the variable?

    The version-specific variable causes problems when upgrading the SDK on applications that use that variable for locating and initializing the licensed SDK at startup in order to initialize the Local Server. The SDK's Local Server requires a standard license at minimum in order for applications to access its capabilities. For this reason, source code and recompilation is required to simply make use of the new environment variable. If the version is ommitted from the variable, upgrades to installations on already-deployed applications would be painless and much simpler where the applications would not need to be redeployed with change source code using the new variable. This also simplifies testing backwards compatibility of applicaitons.

    I recommend to use "ARCGISRUNTIMESDKJAVA" as environment variable regardless of version, where that variable is updated to point ot the latest installed SDK. The same should apply to other flavors of the ArcGIS Runtime SDK.