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    Tile Packaging - always use multiple cores

    Idea created by versaterm001 on Aug 14, 2013

           From Runtime for WPF forum
           Default Tile Packaging: make use of multiple processors

                     It would be nice for future releases, if the ability to use more than one core was available when generating tile packages from the File->Share As->Tile Package option of ArcMap. 
                     It is available through the Environment settings of the ArcToolbox->Data Management Tools->Tile Cache options (and works like a charm! thank you very much!!)
                     However I can't guarantee that all my customers will have degrees in Esriology, and will understand how it works. So I'd much rather rely on the menu option.
                     I did try setting the value in the Geoprocessing->Environment option, hoping that the Tile Package option would pick it up, but no luck. Given that this already works, I doubt it would be too difficult to implement, and you'll certainly make lots of customers happy 
                     Andrew Purkis
                     Versaterm Inc

      Reply from Mike Branscomb

            Re: Tile Packaging: make use of multiple processors

                     That's a good suggestion, and a great tip for other users too. We did try to keep the sharing dialog as simple as possible so I can see there being some design required for exposing an advanced option such as this. Rather than giving users the option, perhaps we could always default to always using multiple cores instead...
                     You could also wrap up a tiling workflow as a python script/tool and share that with your users - that might help ensure that they always follow the workflow you would like them use.
                     A better place to suggest enhancements is actually the ArcGIS Ideas site: That's the link to Desktop, since it's a desktop-based workflow, but you could tag it runtime as well.

      • pcrosier
        This would be very helpful - I've spent all morning waiting for a tile package to be created through the File menu route as it has been producing better visual results for me (and the Esri guys on site) than the ArcToolbox tools. On a four core machine I want to be able to dedicate three to creating the tile package, making the process (roughly) three times quicker!