Cadastral Benchmark-PID Tie in tools

Idea created by Soocom1 on Aug 5, 2013
    • Soocom1

    The parcel fabric tool has within it a series of tools that allows for a tie in to NOAA USGS PID’s (Position identifiers).
    Or better known as benchmarks, brass caps etc. This also includes any location point or other benchmark.
    But because many folks working cadastral parcels do not have the Parcel Fabric system in place, the use of the tie in tools are nearly impossible.
    I would like to see Tie in construction tools and other cadastral tools as an addin or some other function that would allow those w/o the Parcel Fabric to tie in to those benchmarks.
    Additionally, a more comprehensive set of tools for parcel work that is outside the scope of the parcel Fabric network.