Feature services should be protected for edits by default

Idea created by ssddgreg on Aug 4, 2013
    • bnelson1985
    • basileChandesris
    • ssddgreg
    Could you please improve the default setting in ArcGIS Server 10.x that the Feature Services are not edit enabled?

    I believe ESRI opened a big threat for potential loss with the Feature services. If you type in Google something like

    'arcgis sitemap FeatureServer site:.gov'
    there are 3300 results, if you broader the results to

    'arcgis sitemap FeatureServer -site:.esri.com -site:arcgisonline.com -site:arcgis.com -sdk'
    then there 15700 results.

    Majority of the Feature Services are editable, I assume customers are not aware of the data loss potential, if someone edits the data just using ArcGIS Online (e.g. removal, manipulation).

    I am aware there are ways to protect them by various means and customers do not have most of the time knowledge to deploy nor maintain any advanced security setting on the web server, sometimes not even technically possible for a workflow.