Feature Layer(s) visible by default when added to an ArcGIS Online Map

Idea created by PHolleran-esristaff Employee on Jul 30, 2013
    When a feature layer of a map service (http://my.server.path/arcgis/rest/services/myService/mapServer/#) is registered to an organization it respects all of the symbolization defaults of the service - including visibility.  If the layer is not visible in the map service by default, it will not be visible when added as a feature layer.  The end result is that when users try to add such registered feature layers, they must search for the layer and add it to the map (as normal) then navigate to the table of contents and turn on the layer.

    This creates a series of unnecessary and confusing clicks.  If a user is adding a single feature layer to the map, odds are they want it visible.

    Such an improvement would allow users to register more feature layers with ArcGIS Online from their existing authoritative map services.