Remove Duplicates in Maplex Key Numbering Tables

Idea created by Mikemiller10 on Jul 16, 2013
    Maplex Key Numbering does not follow the label density rules set for the other label fitting strategies. This can create a situation in which the key table labels multiple segments without regard for proximity or redundancy.  Case in point: this odd shaped street in Gulfport, MS with a divided boulevard and a roundabout.


    Key numbering ignores the label density setting for segment length and so precludes any “tuning” of the labels displayed.

    A fix for this situation would be if the Key Numbering tables generated by the Maplex Label Engine would (give the option to) filter for unique values and remove duplicates.  As this is purely a table function and not influenced by geometry it should be fairly easy to implement. This would reduce label clutter and produce a clearer, more concise product.