Revise content search process

Idea created by tormsby-esristaff Employee on Jul 10, 2013
    • p_kohler
    • mimiller
    The "Search All Content" choice doesn't really search all content because it's conditioned by two check box settings: Show ArcGIS Desktop Content and Only search in your organization. These check boxes aren't exposed until you get to the Search Results page--in other words, AFTER your search is done. Therefore, a common experience is that your first search fails and you have to revise the parameters.

    I also don't like that the check box Only search in your organization always reverts to checked on. Why are you defining my search preferences for me?


    1. Make a search preferences panel that allows the user to make settings that stay in place until the user changes them. 
    2. Make this panel accessible from the search box, so the user doesn't have to do a search before they can access search parameters.
    3. Give administrators a master search preferences panel so they can restrict user settings if they want. (For example, if users are not supposed to search content outside the organization.)