Allow user to flag and save pertinent search results on

Idea created by lbowden-esristaff Employee on Jul 3, 2013

         When I get a list of search results in, I would like to be able to check (flag) items of interest to me as I browse down the list. These are things that I want to check out in more detail after I make a first pass through the list. Making this an option only for users who are signed in would be fine.

         A good example of this is the GIS bibliography at I can check a box next to individual results, and then choose to "send" them to "My References."

         A function like this will allow me to break up my browsing session into successive levels of detail. As it is currently, I need to check the details on each item as I go along, lest I forget where I am in the list. The "details" page replaces my search result list, which is sometimes not easy to return to. If happen to also forget what search phrases I've already tried, I may never actually be able to find a particular item again!

         I realize that because the items can come and go, the search results that I have flagged my not be forever accessible, but it would at least be a place for me to start sorting through things of interest that I may want to come back to.