Enforcing field data entry in Mobile Project Center

Idea created by alantonkin on Jul 2, 2013
    • alantonkin
    • bryan.bingham@york.ca
    This idea pertains to feature classes and ArcGIS for Mobile.

    We all know that you can enforce data entry for a field by setting the Allow Null flag to false in SQL or through ArcCatalog when designing the feature class. This is great if you are just creating new features on the mobile device. However, I have existing features where I have cleared out (NULL'd) most of the field values as I need them recaptured. As such i cannot change the Allow Null flag to false in SQL Server as SQL verifies the existing field value and throws an error. It would be great if some additional control could be added at the application level (not database level) to enforce data entry for a particular field. This would ideally appear on the Fields tab beneath the "Caption" and "Auto Fill" options when Updating or Collecting data for a chosen field in an editable Operational Layer. It would just need to be a simple check box that, when ticked, would perform some validation before saving the feature that the field is not empty. If it was empty, the user would then be required to populate the field with a value.