Link (URL) to a map location for ArcGIS Mobile Viewer

Idea created by MarquezJ on Jul 2, 2013
    • MarquezJ
    • BrianO
    Launch the downloadable App for Smartphones and Tablets provided by ESRI with a custom URL to an ArcGIS Online web map but add support for custom query params such as extent properties in that URL. So for example: if you wanted to open the Mobile Viewer from an html link you could use the following syntax:
    href="arcgis://,3559018,-9378116,3560028,102100/data" or some such verbiage.
    The idea of the extent would be that the programmer could get the extent of a feature in the map and pass that extent to the Viewer so it would open with that extent (and feature) displayed. Our organization would use this for our Trails application. As pointed out in another idea under consideration by ESRI the user could then cache the area around the Trail and when they navigated the trail they would not need a data connection. It's pretty common in our area to not have a data connection out where the trails are. Naturally other properties could be added other than extents. You could add the center (x,y) and zoom level. You might add a basemap=false or measure=false to hide those tools.