Create Enterprise Geodatabase GP Tools and SDE DBTUNE

Idea created by mmarques-esristaff Employee on Jun 27, 2013

    I configure Very Large Enterprise Geodatabases (1TB, 5TB, 10TB...) VLEG and the "Enable Geodatabase" or the GP Tool "Create Enterprise Geodatabase" don't accept a dbtune file as input, therefore after the sde repository is created I have to manually move the sde repository indexes to an different tablespace, in VLEG is a best practice to separate tables and indexes to avoid contention and fragmentation.

    1. The sde dbtune file has the ##data_dictionary keyword to control the storage of the sde repository tables and indexes, if we allow the GP tool to accept the dbtune file as input then the objects can be stored under the correct tablespaces.

    2. We also need GP tools to export and import the sde dbtune to a file, this will replace the sdedbtune command line.

    Marcelo Marques