Start the name of a table or feature class with a number [0-9]

Idea created by rgrichards on Jun 26, 2013
    We want to be able to start a feature class or table name in the geodatabase with a number (a numeric value). This has never been allowed, is there a valid reason why? 

    Shapefiles support this.
    RDBMS platforms support this.

    The geodatabase does not support this (Personal, File or SDE)? In SDE is this because of versioning or sdebinary storage tables and possible conflicts?

    When a user attempts to do this performing various operations in Toolbox the resulting messages are often inconsistent and confusing depending on the tool. If this is a rule it should explicitly explained to the end-user using the tools and related help.

    This is only help section I could find explaining this is below. Any logical reasons for this limitation or additional help documentation would be nice to understand the issue.