Ability to set Service order in ArcGIS Server Manager

Idea created by rgrichards on Jun 25, 2013
    It appears there is no way to sort services in the new ArcGIS Server manager. They appear to be in the created order. This makes it very difficult to manage and administer when many services exist. In some ways the older Server Manager did a better job of allowing admins to manage the services.  

    We want the ability to sort Services By Name or Publication Date, Order or By Type. ArcCatalog displays the Services in A-Z order so why doesn't ArcGIS Server Manager.0EME0000000TeWm

    I found a similar idea from 2011 with many of the same complaints but that was 2011 and we are now several releases since that post. The status lists under consideration which of these enhancements are under consideration? Maybe we need to need to be specific and ask for exactly what we want here it goes we want the ability to sort services by a varierty of options mentioned above