Set (and ignore) specific background values for Raster Catalog

Idea created by TinaH85 on Jun 24, 2013
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    A customer of ours needs load TIFF's into a saster catalog. Up to ArcGIS 10 SP 3, this was no problem, as ArcMap automatically interpreted the background values as No Data. From Service Pack 4 or 5 on, however, these values are given the RGB-code 0, which is black. For a raster dataset, you can easily ignore a specific background value and when we asked Esri Inc. why this is not possible for a raster catalog, they told us: "Raster Catalog might contain raster datasets of different properties, number of bands, pixel types, and so on. There is not a unique NoData value background value for all raster datasets in a raster catalog." Makes sense. But it would be great, if there was the option to set a background value and ignore it, anyway, as there could also be 100 raster datasets having exactly the same properties, and for those it would be very helpful, if you could ignore that background value when loading them into a raster catalog.

    If your just set this value in the layer properties afterwards, that color is ignored throughout the whole dataset, it is not distinguished from other valuable data in the raster dataset.