Fabric tool "Joining Points Held Fixed for Selected Lines/Points"

Idea created by Jmccullbg on Jun 19, 2013

    At Wood County, we rely on COGOed centerline data to determine the rotation on parcels that have been surveyed with an assumed initial bearing (which is 80% of parcels), rather than a measured initial bearing. The problem I have seen is, no matter how good a survey is, if the parcel being surveyed shares two or more borders with our already COGOed centerline data, we can set the rotation with the "Joining Points Held Fixed" join option based off on only one of the centerlines, and when the parcel is joined, it will inevtiably (sometimes by mere inches) not match up with the other COGOed centerline, shifting the shared-boundary parcels with it from the center of the centerline. The other option "Fabric Points Held Fixed" will usually be a worse option, as the new survey data is much better than the surrounding digitized legacy data, even though it solves the centerline issue.

    It would be nice to have a join option where I can tell the fabric "Hold these lines/points static during the join, but let these ones move to existing fabric points." This way is can maintain the integrity of 99% of the parcel, without moving the parcel away from field-verified COGOed centerlines. This would allow the most accurate placement of the parcel as well.

    Justin McCulloch