Locked Scale Bar Width Works Incorrectly

Idea created by loganggise on Jun 18, 2013
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    There needs to be a way to set a scale bar to be a certain length, say 2" for example, and have it stay EXACTLY 2" no matter how your zoom in/out.  The 2" in my example refers to the bar itself, not the text.

    The "Adjust Division" value setting for the "When Resizing" option on the scalebar properties "Scale and Units" tab simple does not work.

    If I set my Layout View's scale to 1 INCH = 1,000 FEET and set my scalebar up like the follwing: 0EME0000000TeKb

    I'll get this good result:


    However, if  try to lock the width of the scrollbar by simply clicking the Adjust the Units Value setting like this:


    I now get this, even though I have not changed my Layout's Scale:


    This is, to me at least, clearly an issue wher ethe programmer tasked with implementing this feature read the words of his assignment and did not understand the intent of the feature and nobody who actually makes maps was involved in the QA/QC for vetting this feature.  Many have griped about this probelm in forums for year.  Now is the time to fix it please.