Allow legends & annotations to copy & paste at the same size between MXDs

Idea created by infobleep on Jun 13, 2013
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    It would be really helpful if when copying and pasting legends and annotations in ArcMap, they got pasted into the new MXD at the same size as the MXD they have been copied form. 

    It would also be helpful if the legends retained the same layers and categories within layers as the previous MXD, when pasted. This assumes the layers exist in both and are set up in the same way.

    Currently when I copy annotations from one MXD into another they get pasted larger than they are in the original document.

    If there is a genuine reason why it is designed like this, then documentation or a blog post explaining the best practice to use to get them to stay the same size would be very helpful.

    This is similar to the idea, although that fouces solely on legends and there strucuture: