Mobile Services - add edit/attachments controls at the AGS manager level

Idea created by smorgan@trpd on Jun 11, 2013
    • mvolz47
    • eatkinson
    • rdalaqua
    • smorgan@trpd
    I would like to be able to control whether a mobile service has support for attachments and editing at the ArcGIS Server Manager level. I know this can be done in the Mobile Project Center. However, I have a situation where I provide utility data as a dynamic service because they are undergoing a lot of change right now. I would like supervisors to be able to add this service to their projects if they need but do NOT want them editing it.

    Also, being able to control attachment support at both the service and project center level would allow me to control how resources are used much mroe efficiently rather than relyign on users.