Remove the vertical datum requirement from Data Reviewer Z value checks

Idea created by erlendnor on Jun 5, 2013
    • arockhawk
    • erlendnor
    There are several reasons why f cl and f ds do not always have vertical datums defined, even when being Z-enabled
    •           Data models may have been defined some time ago, before vertical datums were supported
    •           Lacking transformation opportunities, data managers just did not see any need for it
    •           Data may have been registered over a long  time period, in different vertical reference systems, and, awaiting a transformation, the datum information may be stored on the object level as an attribute.
    Still, Z node gaps and unlikely Z-values prevail, and one should have the opportunity to check for such occurences also when the f cl/f ds vertical datum info is missing. A centimeter is a centimeter anyway.