User account lockout message (ArcGIS Server 10.1)

Idea created by tereshenkov on May 28, 2013
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    In 10.1SP1, after attempting to log in with a user account into ArcGIS Server Manager, ArcGIS Server's built-in security store locks out a user after more than five failed attempts in a one minute period. The lockout lasts for one minute. This policy applies to all users in the store, including the primary site administrator account. This policy cannot be modified or replaced. This is outlined in the Help.

    However, there is no message coming for that when user keeps trying to log in - it is just "Invalid username or password." It would be great to get a message that would say something like "the user account is locked for a minute, please try again later in one minute to release the account." This would let end user to know why he/she is not able to log in.