Dynamically Update Feature Services in ArcGIS Online

Idea created by deleted-user-y7zXLagX99-X on May 21, 2013
    ArcGIS Online gives you the ability to geocode a CSV table of addresses or coordinates and then Publish as a Feature Service.  However, if you add or modify records in the original table, and then Update the CSV in My Content on the website the Feature Service does not also update.  This does me no good because I would have to delete the Feature Service (there is no overwrite option) and Publish the CSV again.  I'm assuming if I kept the same name it would link to the Web Map properly but I haven't tested it...

    In a related issue....if I Publish a feature class as a Service from within ArcMap, I have the ability to Overwrite the existing service, but I would like to have a way to update the Feature Service from within Online so that it is not such a tedious process to simply update the data that is in a web map (or an application).