Inherit attributes from adjacent line. (editing in fabric)

Idea created by Jmccullbg on May 20, 2013

    When recieving new surveys I often find mismatching data with surrounding parcels, particularly with curve data along ROW. In the case of curves, as many of us know, if the values do not match at a parcel boundary there is a visible gap which is undesirable. Since most of our data is still of very low accuracy it would be nice if there was a tool I could use to either inherit the value of an adjacent line/curve or assign a new value to any adjacent parcel lines/curves. This could be done when creating a new parcel, or when reopening an older parcel (whichever would lend to better data) to match curve data along any parcel boundary. This tool would also likely have to create breaklines or merge multiple lines to create a perfect match since the number of lines along a curve will vary from parcel to parcel or among surveys.