Search Services that work for Enterprise

Idea created by abenvin03 on May 13, 2013
    The search services in 10.0 and 10.1 are pretty much useless for an enterprise installation. We have a published Oracle ArcSDE geodatabase with about a thousand layers in it and several hundred users. We would like to be able to use search services to allow users to find data more easily.

    The problem is with the way search services are designed. To have the service search and index an SDE data source you have to supply it with an SDE connection file with a saved username and password. Every user that uses this 'enterprise' search service will end up connecting as the same userid, the same one that created the search index. This is a problem for us. If all users are connecting as the same userid then we have no ability to determine who is locking a dataset or who is running a query that is sucking up all the memory in the database.

    The search service should not store the username and password in the *.sde.dsc index files that it creates. These should have an anonymous connection. Without this ability the "enterprise search" is useless and users will have to create their own local search services against the database which is totally contrary to the point of a search service.

    Thanks, Al Benvin (City of Calgary)