Fix Bug NIM-078981

Idea created by mjmiller72 on May 9, 2013
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    Fix Bug NIM-078981


              After performing a join, attachments for features cannot be accessed through the Identify tool or Open Attachment Manager.

              Additional Status Information

              Attachments are enabled on the feature class not a join table.

              Alternate Solution

              The only way to see the attachments after performing a join is to start an edit session, select any feature, and click the Attributes tool on the Editor Toolbar.

                        Nimbus ID                      NIM078981
                        Submitted                      Mar 11, 2012 1:41 PM
                        Severity                      Low
                        Applies To                      ArcGIS
                        Version Found                      10.0 SP4
                        Prog Language                      N/A
                        Server Platform                      N/A
                        Client Platform                      All Windows
                        Database                      N/A
                        Locale                      N/A
                        Status                      Declined
                        Version Fixed                      N/A
                        SP Fixed                      N/A