Allow definition expression on FeatureLayer with mode set to MODE_SELECTION

Idea created by mdaffernesri-ca-esridist Employee on May 7, 2013
    Currently in the JavaScript API, a Feature Layer whose mode is MODE_SELECTION does not support a definition expression after a selection has been made.

    To illustrate:
    1. Create a map with a basemap and a feature layer set to MODE_SELECTION. Do not have any features selected to begin with.
    2. Implement a "select by extent" tool similar to the following sample:
    3. Write Javascript code to apply a definition expression to the feature layer  to filter the results, i.e.:
    4. Note that the featurelayer does not update to honour the definition query. Attempts to use the redraw and refresh method have no effect. 

    It's be great if a featurelayer in selection mode did support definition expressions to filter the results.