Linking new features to existing records in shapefile

Idea created by 1_mpeterson79 on May 2, 2013
    • 1_mpeterson79
    • jmcke680
    I had a small group of addresses that I had to geocode - about 2500. Several of them failed due to one reason or another.

    The shapefile attribute table was still created with all 2500 of the records, though only the ones that successfully geocoded were drawn as points on the map. I was left with a few hundred records in the table that did not exist as point features on my map.

    After the original geocode was completed, I was provided with x/y locations for several of the ones that did not draw on the map, and thus had to update them.

    Trying to create point locations for records already in the shapefile attribute table was a pain - tech support's solution was a convoluted import/export process, or create graphics & convert to features, etc etc etc. 

    Would it not be possible to use the Create New Feature process, but then simply right-click on the newly drawn feature & say something like "Attach to existing record"? Seems like this process could be greatly improved & simplified.