ArcGIS Server Feature Services to support SDE Views

Idea created by ScottSugden on May 1, 2013
    We need a solution where we can use an spatial  view as a layer in ArcGIS Server. We need a view so that we can query a subset of data from another feature class plus return the true extent of the features in the view (not the extent of full feature class).

    We also need to print the map service including highlighting selecting features using the Export Web Map task. In 10.1 there is no way to print a map highlighting selected features without using a Feature service ‘overlay’. A map service without the feature service enabled will not print selected features highlighted using the Export Web Map Specification.

    In 10.1 you cannot publish a map service with feature service enabled if the mxd contains one or more views. You get the ‘00134 – Layer’s data source is not supported’ and ‘00059 – Layer’s data source is not registered with the geodatabase’ errors.