Uncover essential buttons from docked windows

Idea created by CHSW03 on May 1, 2013
    Adding the ability to dock windows and have them slide open in ArcGIS Desktop 10 has greatly enhanced the amount of screen real estate available. However, when the docked window slides from the left side of the screen, it covers several key buttons that are highlighted by the red circle below. The example below shows how the docked window, table of contents in this case, covers these very functional buttons. Unfortunately, the window does not immediately slide back into its docked position, which causes the buttons highlighted below to be covered. These buttons include: Switch to (data or layout) view, Refresh the active view, and Pause the active view. Making the docked windows on the left hand side of the screen not cover these buttons would be very beneficial. Thank you.

    The view on the left is the ArcMap screen while the table of contents is docked on the left side. The image on the right shows the table of contents expanded, covering the buttons highlighted on the left side.