Open map and layer details in new browser tab

Idea created by leszolman on May 1, 2013
    • leszolman
    When a map is opened it is easy to click on the “More Details …” link to see the details of the map.  When searching for layers to add to the map it is also easy to click on the “Item Details” for the layer to view the details and source information.  However, when map and layer details are opened they open in the same web browser tab as the map and if you have altered the map any going back to the map all your changes are lost.

    For example if you are searching for a layer to add and want to view the source info you have to open the layer details.  After viewing the details you can not get back to the layer search in the map.  You can only get back to the map as it was last saved.

    It would be great if the details pages could open in a new browser tab so you could easily go back to the map after viewing the details.