Include Attr_[Impedance] of facilities when returning results for Closest Facility Analysis

Idea created by NSWRFS on Apr 28, 2013
    • NSWRFS
    We are a volunteer fire fighting agency.

    We are piloting Network Analyst to dispatch the closest Brigades.

    The call out time for each Brigade varies.

    We currently use DriveTime as the impedance.

    When Network Analyst returns XX closest facilities, I would like the result to factor in Attr_[Impedance] from the facilities layer.

    Currently Attr_[Impedance] is only added to the route's Total_[Impedance]

    For example:
    Brigade A
    DriveTime 10mins
    TurnoutTime 7 mins

    Brigade B
    DriveTime 8mins
    TurnoutTime 8 mins

    Brigade C
    DriveTime 12mins
    TurnoutTime 3 mins

    For closest two(2) Brigades I would like to see B and C returned.
    Currently A and B are returned.

    Yes, you can post process the results from more than two Brigades and this is what is currently done.
    We would NOT want to include Attr_[Impedance] of the incident layer when deciding who to respond, though other users might.

    Icing on the cake would be multiple Attr_[Impedance] attributes related to different times.
    TurnoutTime weekday is much different to TurnoutTime weekend.
    We currently have multiple facilities layers to cover this.

    Thanks for your time