Add Network Path to OD Cost Matrix Output Path Shape

Idea created by johnmdye on Apr 23, 2013
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    The Network Analyst OD Cost Matrix Tool produces a Straight Line output or alternatively no output for the shape output. This doesn't make any sense because OD Cost Matrix solves for Network Path and imepedences.

    Having Straight Lines as an available output led one of my colleagues to believe he was getting Euclidean Distance because the visual output was Straight Lines. When he came to me confused because his own Euclidean Distance calculations did not jive with the OD Cost Matrix distance calculations I had to explain to him that "things are not as they appear." with this tool.

    Remove the Straight Lines as an available output. It serves no purpose and provides no value. It just confuses less saavy users. Replace it with Network Path. Having that also enables us to validate the output on other platforms. Currently, there is no way to validate the outputs because there is no way to determine what path was taken along the network other than solving for the route, 1 by 1.

    Thats nonsense.