AGOO - ArcgisOnline for Organizations  - Re-send invitations to users and unlock usernames

Idea created by ILGW75 on Apr 22, 2013
    I would very much like a button that let's me re-send invitations to users who have not used or not received invitations I send to them.

    I have used csv-files to add users to our organization. It turns out that only half of the users have received the invitations ( I also had them check spam-filters , but no invitations there).

    As I create the usernames for our users by using the same usernames they have in the organization I face two problems:
    •           I can't re-send the invitation
    •           there is now a lock on the username that I made for them, so I can't create a new invitation with the same username.
    Right now I don't trust the csv-file solution, since half of my users didn't receive the invitation. I really hope this will be fixed soon, as I have a lot more users to add to the organization, and I would prefer not to add each of them manually.