Higher Logging Detail for LDAP multi user publishing or specific user privileges

Idea created by aidan.wardman on Apr 10, 2013
    • osidublin
    • aidan.wardman
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    I would like to see the ability to capture detailed LDAP user account details for users with in the Publisher role that access the ArcGIS Web interface and Create/Read/Update/Delete web services or web service folders.

    Currently one of our environments is being used as a sand box by numerous LDAP controlled accounts. We would idealy like to be able to log and see what they have:
    - Created
    - Modified
    - Deleted
    - Moved
    As well as when, so that we can hold accountable people that modify other peoples content.

    Or as a follow up idea, the ability to lock modifying privileges down to specific LDAP user accounts instead of just to the default roles SystemAdmin/Publisher/User.

    Currently, any user in the publisher role can modify/delete another users web service from the web manager, if we had a way to limit access to the modification of web services (similar to how access to the web service is locked down for external viewing/consumption) that would be very useful.