Labeling Features Joined 1-M to table

Idea created by gdunbar on Apr 10, 2013
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    As of ArcGIS Desktop 10 SP5, when labeling features with a one to many join to a table, I get one label for each joined record. I suggest that attributes of the feature class be labeled only once, while fields from the joined table are labeled once for each record in the table.

    For example, to illustrate the problem, I have a polygon Parcel feature class with a Parcel ID attribute and a one to many joined table of owners.
    The new labeling works great if I want to label owners from the joined table.
    For example one parcel might list three owners:
    Bill Smith
    Mary Smith
    John  Smith

    But if I label the Parcel ID attribute from the feature class I get one copy of the Parcel ID for each owner.
    for the same parcel I would get:

    I cant use 'remove duplicate labels' because I have some multi-part polygons