Domains that distinguish "valid" from "present"

Idea created by BlairServicessLLC on Apr 8, 2013

    This idea has been merged with Controlling Domain Lists.

    In utility (and probably other) databases there are many cases where a class describing a piece of equipment contains values describing properties of objects "present" in the data -- but which are no longer "valid" for new installation.  A typical case for an electric utility might be for poles of a certain height.  There may be 25 foot poles present in the field (and in the database) but it may no longer be standard practice to install a 25 foot pole.  What then is needed is the ability to include in a domain values for all possible cases that exist, but distinguish those value that a user can choose to assign to a new feature.

    One possible way to implement this would be to add a property to a CodedValue domain pair that distinguishes valid values.

    A user interface component would also be required to control whether only valid domain values would be made available.

    Ed Blair