Capture of Unique Page Views/Visitors for Web Apps

Idea created by meblanc2 on Apr 3, 2013

    As an administrator, I need to report to my management the number of hits (unique page views) on our GIS page (a public Web application hosted on ArcGIS Online) on a monthly basis.


    Currently, I can report Credits used or Bandwidth used but neither provide a true feel for number of visitors.  If I generate a report for Bandwidth used in the past month and then select Feature Bandwidth from the Pie Chart and display the results by Requests, I can get number of Requests for a Feature Service. However, these requests are astronomical for our jurisdiction.  ESRI Support stated:



    "Requests are requests to the service. If you open the web map, and pan and zoom around you can make multiple requests to the service. So your requests go up, but your item views stop because the item is open."

    This means that Request are not the number of unique visits to the page but instead is an indication of the number of pans or zooms and visits in a month.


    Additionally, if I review the organization's "most viewed items", I am able to see a count of "Views" for my web application.  However, ESRI Support states:



    "-Views are counts up on an item card call.(The item card call is made in Item Details, viewer and ArcGIS Explorer.) -Increment by one when you go to Item Details.
    -Increment by one when you open the item in viewer or in ArcGIS Explorer. (If you link directly to the service URL in the viewer it does not count up.) -Increment by one when you hit "Open in ArcGIS Desktop".
    -If the service is used in a web map, the service is not incremented. (Note: the view counts on the Service Item page)"
    This means that this also does not provide a count of unique visitors because we provide a direct link to the Web App on our City's website.


    We are seeking a true count of unique web visits to a Web Application no matter if it is opened through a direct web link or via one of the viewers.