Map tile pop-ups without publicy sharing linked feature service

Idea created by nfazer on Mar 25, 2013
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    Currently, users can enable pop-ups on a map tile service and use the attributes from a feature service in those pop-ups. The theory being to only allow people access to the "symbology" of a feature without accessing the actual geometry of that feature. But in order to do so, the feature service has to be shared to the public. If my intent is to only allow a "snapshot" of a dataset, having to share the feature dataset publicly defeats the purpose, as people can still search for and add the feature service being used.

    It would be great to be able to share a map tile service with the public and access the attributes of a feature service without having to publicly share the entire feature service as well. Possibly build into the sharing feature whether a user wants to share only the attributes of a layer or the entire layer, or build the attributes into a service defintion file so the attributes can be publicy shared but not the feature.

    Idea being that ArcGIS Desktop users can add a public feature service and export to a shapefile. By publicy sharing the map tiles and linking to ONLY attributes, people won't be able to add/export data in Desktop. Only view.