ArcMap - Data Frame Properties - Allow user to modify order that map grids draw in

Idea created by leftieant76 on Mar 22, 2013
    • gstudwell
    • leftieant76
    I propose that a function be included that allows users to modify the order that map grids are drawn in. 

    Quite often I need to create cartographic products that require me to use two or more grids in order to achieve the final product I am after. An example of this would be that I need a 1km grid that is labelled, but then a minor grid at 100 x 100m that is unlabelled.

    Currently the only way to create this effect is to add two grids in a specific order.

    It would be very useful if ArcMap could include a function where the order that multiple grids are drawn can be easily modified - similar to the layer order in the Legend tool.