Ability to support syncing ArcGIS Online with Local Repository to Keep Changes

Idea created by Riverside on Mar 20, 2013

    We need a way to support replication (2 way) or a versioning scenario where we want to load data weekly to ArcGIS Online that syncs with a service already there, so changes done in the field, can be synced with updates that are newly uploaded, where we don't lose the updates, by overwriting the service, or having to create multiple copies of the service, or have to extract the file out as a shapefile, then query on what has changed in the extraction and then have to query the new layer and look for those records, then drop those records (since they have been updated in the field), and then do an append/merge on the newly created combination of what is extracted from CAMA, and what is extracted from ArcGIS Online before reloading the service as an overwrite to the existing service.

    If you supported GDB as an output or better yet, link the GDB directly to our internal system, some way, then we could capture the photos taken in the field as well to our underlying enterprise GIS system.