Statistics in results from all toolboxes

Idea created by Ingmar_Albinson on Mar 18, 2013
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    All ArcToolboxes have:
         Executing: <toolbox function> <toolbox parameter>
         Start Time: <time>
         Succeeded at <time> (Elapsed Time: <seconds> seconds)
    Extended this with statistic in result.

    Example from Delete row:
         Executing: DeleteRows "C:\ArcGISData \geo.gdb\Event"
         Start Time: Mon Mar 18 13:08:40 2013
    163 of 163 rows deleted
         Succeeded at Mon Mar 18 13:08:41 2013 (Elapsed Time: 1,00 seconds)
    Note: WARNING 000117: Warning empty output generated. This warning should not appear because empty output is the normal result for Delete row.
    Example from Append:
         Executing: Append "C:\ArcGISData \geo.gdb\Event" "…" …..
         Start Time: Mon Mar 18 13:19:23 2013
    13 of 15 rows appended
         WARNING xxxxx: 2 object has illegal attribute.
                     OID: 5
                     OID: 7

         Succeeded at Mon Mar 18 13:19:25 2013 (Elapsed Time: 2,00 seconds)
    Note: In Environment settings, should be possible to set level for Statistic in result:

         Statistic result
         Statistic result and object ID for errors and warnings
         Statistic result and detail information for errors and warnings
    Note: Toolbox Compress must have Warning/Error if compress don’t compress all item in database.