ActiveX ArcReader Control Object Should NOT require a License When Deploying

Idea created by eklundjb on Mar 15, 2013
    • alantonkin
    • eklundjb
    • dabbsmf
    I wanted to build some custom searches for our ArcReader project.  I develop in C# and extend ArcMap frequently so I'm familiar with the requirement of initializing an ArcGIS license in code before ArcObjects can be used.  Considering ArcReader is a free standalone project I did not expect that you have to initialize a license when adding the ArcReader control to a windows form.  I confirmed this with ESRI tech support that you do infact have to initialize a license to build a custom windows form with the ArcReader control.  

    This is completely counter-intuitive.  Why would I want to develop with the ArcReader control that initializes a desktop license, when I could just extend ArcMap and forget ArcReader all together?  I'm wondering what the whole point to the ArcReader object is.

    Allow us to build a custom windows application, using the ArcReader control WITHOUT pulling a desktop license to run.