Create point with image (Drag & Drop at location)

Idea created by HealdsburgCA on Mar 14, 2013
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    It would be great if ArcGIS was able to support the creation of a point at a certain location by dragging and dropping an image at that location. This new point would then act as a link to that image file stored at its current secure server location. This "on the fly" functionality would streamline many work flows.
         There are several methods for this work flow. I could conceive of having a point feature class called "images", starting an editing session with this feature the user could simple navigate to a certain location, then select an image from Windows Explorer, drag and drop the image at that specific point that the image is addressing. Perhaps navigating to the image in ArcCatalog then drag and dropping it from there (similar to adding feature classes to an .MXD) would be simpler to design.
         An example of this functionality is working in Public Works we have lots of pictures of work at certain locations, repairs and new installations. When working with utilities much of what is documented with pictures are very point specific conflicts.
         Another example of this in local government is our Planning department has photos of different property conditions. it would stream line their processes to simply drag and drop images during an edit session rather than placing points and then attaching images.
         I'm not sure how this would function in regards to the existing attachment functionality. While the new attachment functionality offers the ability to connect an image to a feature, there are limits to the functionality that I hope to see addressed (see