Make ArcGIS MacPro retina capable

Idea created by NicGellie on Mar 5, 2013
    The present ArcGIS desktop software does not display properly in Windows7 running bootcamp on a Macintosh Retina Pro.  The menus and text come as low resolution and so I cannot use ArcGIS on this hardware platform for my business.

    I would like to get support from the ideas community to get the next versions of ArcGIS Desktop to run on high resolution screens like the Macintosh Retina Pro so that we can use the power of the high resolution screens now available.  ArcGIS would also look fantastic on the Macbook retina pro display.

    I have MS Office 2003, a ten year old Microsoft Office program that can run at high resolution on my MacBook Retina Pro notebook.  So why can't ESRI use the same font rendering technology as MS Office in their software.