ArcGIS Server "all services restarting" or "all service startup complete" method

Idea created by ESandinesriaustralia-com-au-esridist Employee on Mar 3, 2013
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    The 10.1+ admin API and the manager UI for ArcGIS Server should expose a "all services restarting" or "all service startup complete" method.  On many ArcGIS Server sites, the "ArcGIS Server" service will become available and admin functions will become responsive several minutes before all services have completed restarting.  Some site operations are dependent upon all services being started.  This could lead to unexpected results for these operations if a restart is in progress.  Use case scenarios include the following.  Perform several site-changing operations in sequence through the manager UI, such as: 1) change the security configuration to Active Directory 2) apply SSL.  Perform a scripted startup triggered by a host reboot:  1)  start SQL Server SDE host 2) start the ArcGIS Server instance 3) start Tomcat instance hosting applications that consume ArcGIS Server services.