New toolbox to Assign Roles permissions Geodatabase Management

Idea created by rgrichards on Mar 1, 2013
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    In 10.1 the Geodatabase Management Toolbox contains a number of great tools for working with the geodatabase. We can almost create an entire entrprise geodatabase entirely from python. The only missing piece for our environment is a apply permissions to roles. 

    There is a privildges tool available but it deals with Feature/Table level permissions, when setting up a new geodatabase roles need to assigned specific database permissions. 

    It is much improved but we have to run some steps at a SQL console to continue with the GDB setup. It would be great if we could everything from python so please add a tool to setup basic roles or allow roles to get database permissions.

    Our python script performs the following: 
    1) Create geodatabase
    2) Create SA Database connection (.sde)
    3) Create Roles 
    4) Create Users
    5) SQL PROCESS --- **** Assign Roles database permissions  ****
    6) Create User Database Connections (.sde)