put "Add OLEDB connection" back into Database Connections

Idea created by rgrichards on Feb 28, 2013

         Why was "Add OLEDB Connection" removed from Database Connections in 10.1? When making a "Database Connection" to a non-SDE SQL Server database the file extension becomes .sde. This is confusing to users becuae they might not be dealing with an ArcSDE database. It is great the new release supports putting spatial data in non-SDE databases however it is confusing when the OLEDB Connection was removed from this container. 

         Currently the user has to find OLEDB Connection button in the Customize Window and Add It to the tool bar. There is not even a Toolbox to create one? So it requires CUSTOMIZATION on every desktop. Imagine an education environment where 40 machines exist and every night students might log into different machines. This is a customization and profile nightmare all for no good?  

         The funny part is after you click the Add OLEDB Connection button it places the .odc connection file in the "Database Connections" container? So why was it moved again?

         Teaching users how to customize their ArcCatalog takes much longer than leaving the tool where it was in the first place especially since the current version uses this home to save the .odc files.

         Please put "Add OLEDB connections" back into the Database Connection. They are useful for other non-spatial databases.